Civil Construction

A civil construction course is a nationally accredited training course. This course  is designed to give participants the skills and knowledge of a civil construction worker within the construction industry.

Front end BackhoeWhy is a civil construction certificate course important?

Nationally recognised training courses (or what is better known as certificate training) is an important way for industry to recognise your skills and knowledge. Upon completion of the training course you will be given a statement of attainment. The statement of attainment will highlight the specific skills you learnt and obtained during the course.  The information on the statement of attainment will help the business you hope to work for determine if your skills are what they are looking for.

What certificate level can I obtain in the civil construction course?

The civil construction course is aimed at the certificate II / III levels. The certificate II is an entry level qualification. The certificate III is equal to a trades qualification.

How do I enroll into the civil construction course?Excavator

Enrolling into a course is easy. First, determine if this qualification will suit your current or future job opportunities. Once you have determined this, contact our office and book a time to come and see us. Approximately 1 hour will be required for you to visit one of our offices to complete the relevant paperwork.

Alternatively, we can come to your workplace to enroll you. This type of training is known as ‘workplace based training’. Workplace based training done on the job (you learn while you work). You will need permission from your employer before enrolling into workplace based training.

What formats can I do the training in?

  • Classroom based (regular and consistant training at one of our sites).
  • Workplace based (we train you and your collegues while you work).

What information is covered in the civil construction courses?

The civil construction course covers skills that are required by an individual wishing to participate effectively in the construction industry as a civil construction worker. The course covers information such as:

  • Occupational Health and Safety and Workplace induction / orientation.Handle power tools
  • Communication and working with others.
  • Machinery inspection and plant tickets / licensing.
    • Excavator.
    • Skid Steer.
    • Front end loader / Backhoe.
    • Elevated Work Platform (EWP).
  • Loading / unloading and securing of machinery.
  • Planning and organising work.
  • Handling small plant and power tools.
  • Reading and interpretting plans and manual excavation.
  • Traffic management and control.

What jobs or occupations will use a civil construction certificate?

A number of occupations or job roles find a civil construction certificate valuable. The main occupations / jobs roles are:

  • Plant and machine operator.
  • Construction supervisor.

Does the civil construction course attract Government Funding?

Government subsidies are available for eligible individuals and businesses. Please contact our office to see if you are eligible.

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